Hacker police (in lack of a better term)

I feel like to prevent what happened to HC we should have a group of people that have certain rights (given the right plug-ins) to see what everybody has been doing and should show recommendations to the people that are in the group of who might be hacking (pvp hacks, machines created to crash the servers, etc.) the people that have this rank could be given /invis (like I said earlier if given the right plug-ins). I know people are gonna be like "just let a bot do the work" but the truth is bots don't always ban the right people, yes we could still have a bot that helps with recommendations and small hacks, but we need a group that can do a better job with watching people for a longer amount of time.

That's why I feel like this could possibly stop what happened before, have a group that is dedicated to this even if we have to use it in creative for people using world edit for each other (if permission hasn't been given by a higher up)

Should we have a group of anti-hackers on the server?
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